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Seriously, this book is great. Things are complicated, good can be done in the name of evil, and evil in the name of good, and the right thing is rarely the easy thing. Her prose is stunning, and her story and characters grabbed my heart and would not let go. Jackson, author of the Thieftaker Chronicles.

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Filled with wonderful mythology and strong, compelling characters, this book is a fantastic start to what promises to be a fantastic new series. I just finished Silver on the Road and am currently in that irritated I am finished the book mood and I was just wondering if you have a plan for this series?

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Like is it going to be a duology or trilogy or do you envision a longer series. As to what happens to our duo…well, that would be Spoilers. The three main characters—Isobel, Gabriel, and Farron—are a delight, all fully developed, but all with secrets still left to uncover. Gilman has much to mine in future books, all of which I am looking forward to reading. This is a terrific start to a gritty, thought-provoking, imaginative new series. Just finished this book.

And I loved it.

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Left a 5-star review on Goodreads. Thrilled to read this is a possible four- to five-book series.

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Maybe a relative owned Zebra Books or something, but you name a genre and he took a shot at ruining it. I still read a book of his occasionally just for laughs they can be unintentionally hilarious , but back in the days when publishing standards were still a thing, I'd read them for encouragement. That was one thing a Johnstone book was always good for: a wanna-be writer to read and think, "THIS dreck got published, so surely MY stuff could get into print!

Totally agree. If only the cover art on these things wasn't so alluring to me as a kid. I own most of his horror titles I can't seem to ever give up my horror novels and every one of them has never had the spine cracked anywhere past page I always start them with good intentions but they lose me fast. I'm actually brushing up on my zebra and have dug up a couple of Jack Scaparro books. To tell you the truth, they're not fantastic.

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I've considered snagging a couple of Johnstone's books as well when they come out on kindle, since he was a Zebra heavyweight. They have to be better than Scaparro. Although nothing so far has been worse than Neiderman. I find it funny how William W. Johnstone exploited the "Satanic panic" of the 80's and today his name is being used to peddle Islamophobic, anti-Obama books about Muslims taking over the US, same shit, different decade.

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