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Handling and Moving. Making Decisions and. Solving problems. Analytical Thinking. Mathematically inclined. Able to interpret technical manuals.

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Motorboat Mechanics and Service Technicians. Motorcycle Mechanics. Industry Certification. Provider Name. OSHA Certification. Outdoor Power Equipment Technician Certification. Master Service Technician.

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Sign In. Search Our Site. What are you searching for? Pathways into the qualification. Pathways from the qualification. There are no specific licences that relate to this qualification. However, some units in this qualification may have licensing or regulatory requirements, depending on the work context. Local regulations should be checked for details. The following table contains a summary of the employability skills as identified by the outdoor power equipment industry for this qualification.

Power Equipment Engine Technology

The employability skills facets described here are broad industry requirements that may vary depending on qualification packaging options. Employability Skill. Problem solving. Initiative and enterprise. Planning and organising. Core units. Unit code. Unit title. Common - Environment. Monitor environmental and sustainability best practice in the automotive mechanical industry. Common - Health and Safety. Outdoor Power Equipment - Technical.

Outdoor Power Equipment - Technical - Engines. Service engines and engine components outdoor power equipment. Overhaul engines and engine components outdoor power equipment.

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Mechanical Miscellaneous - Technical. Mechanical Miscellaneous - Technical - Tools and Equipment. Elective units. Common - Sales and Marketing. Common - Foundation Skills. Common - Management, Leadership and Supervision. Common - Technical.

ECHO Technology

Identify basic automotive faults using troubleshooting processes. Electrical - Technical - Tools and Equipment. Electrical - Technical - Electrical and Electronic. Diagnose and repair electronic spark ignition engine management systems. Remove, replace and program electrical and electronic units and assemblies.

Mechanical - Heavy Vehicle - Technical - Transmission. Mechanical - Mobile Plant - Technical. Inspect, service and repair tracked type drive and support systems. Mechanical - Light Vehicle - Technical - Engine. Repair engines and associated engine components light vehicle. Mechanical - Light Vehicle - Technical - Transmission. - AURPB - Overhaul engines and engine components (outdoor power equipment)

Mechanical Miscellaneous - Technical - Brakes. Mechanical Miscellaneous - Technical - Cooling Systems. Mechanical Miscellaneous - Technical - Steering and Suspension. Mechanical Miscellaneous - Technical - Engines. Mechanical Miscellaneous - Technical - Fuel Systems. Mechanical Miscellaneous - Technical - Wheels and Tyres. Use and maintain measuring equipment in an automotive workplace. Mechanical Miscellaneous - Technical - Transmission. Mechanical Miscellaneous - Technical - Emission and Exhaust. Carry out oxy acetylene welding, thermal cutting and thermal heating procedures.

Imported Units. Apply safe working practices in an automotive workplace. Service and repair rotary cutting systems. Service and repair drum cutting systems. Service and repair chainsaw cutting systems. Service line trimming systems and components. Service and repair post-boring systems. Service and repair post-hole digging systems. Service and repair reciprocating cutting systems.