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1. Introduction

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Figure 9. Consequences of the Model: Homochirality and Polymers The catalyzing effects of the sites would have crucial consequences by leading to enantioselectivity. Next Experiments Experiments that prove the concept of a complex membrane catalyzing the synthesis of compounds that stabilize its local arrangements are yet to be developed. Need for Lost City-Like Hydrothermal Vents Lipidic vesicle models require specific conditions allowing the vesicles to emerge and persist long enough, including a continuous flow of matter and energy and the possibility for the waste products to be diluted in an open milieu so that the system is not hindered by their increasing concentration [ 9 ].

Synthesis of Lipid Compounds It has already been recognized that vents systems were chemically reactive environments that constituted suitable conditions for sustained prebiotic syntheses [ 28 ]. The Phosphorus Issue The hypothesis that lipidic vesicles were produced on early Earth 4, million years ago at sites such as LCHF makes deep-sea hydrothermal sites the best candidates to be at the origin of evolution and sets new constraints.

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Need for a Tectonic Plate Dynamic Regime? Origin of Evolution versus Origin of Life: Consequences Finally, within such a shift of paradigm in the approach of the primordial ancestor, there would be further consequences. Conclusions There is no point in attempting to define life because of the irreducible metaphysical aspect of the concept.

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Acknowledgments I am grateful to Robert Berman, Ilektra Kouranti, Arnaud Lucien, and Romain Tessera for reviewing the text and fruitful discussions with them and I thank the reviewers for their very useful and relevant comments. References 1. Tsokolov SA. Why is the definition of life so elusive? Epistemological considerations. Gayon J. Defining life: Synthesis and conclusions. Life Evol.

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Luisi PL. Skar J. Introduction: Self-organization as an actual theme. A Math. Coveney PV. Self-organization and complexity: A new age for theory, computation and experiment. What Is Life? With Mind and Matter and Autobiographical Sketches. Edition Hermann; Paris, France: Andrade E. From external to internal measurement: A form theory approach to evolution. Tessera M. Life began when evolution began: A lipidic vesicle-based scenario.

Lazcano A. Which way to life? Cycles of Contingency: Developmental Systems and Evolution. Compositional genomes: Prebiotic information transfer in mutually catalytic noncovalent assemblies. Lack of evolvability in self-sustaining autocatalytic networks constraints metabolism-first scenarios for the origin of life. Matrix effect in oleate micelles-vesicles transformation. A possible route to prebiotic vesicle reproduction.

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  • The Plant Diversity of Malesia: Proceedings of the Flora Malesiana Symposium commemorating Professor Dr. C. G. G. J. van Steenis Leiden, August 1989.

Walde P. Surfactant assemblies and their various possible roles for the origin s of life. Weber BH. What is life? Defining life in the context of emergent complexity. Weber AL, Pizzarello S. The peptide-catalyzed stereospecific synthesis of tetroses: A possible model for prebiotic molecular evolution. Design, fabrication, and test of a hydrothermal reactor for origin-of-life experiments.

Template-directed synthesis of a genetic polymer in a model protocell. A serpentinite-hosted ecosystem: The Lost City hydrothermal field. The habitat and nature of early life. Hagmann M. Gunter wachtershauser profile. Between a rock and a hard place.

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Abiogenic hydrocarbon production at lost city hydrothermal field. Serpentinization as a source of energy at the origin of life. Formation and evolution of carbonate chimneys at the Lost City Hydrothermal Field.

Baross J, Hoffman SE. Submarine hydrothermal vents and associated gradient environments as sites for the origin and evolution of life.