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Peng, X. Lai, Z. Conrad, Electroplasticity in metals and ceramics, Mat. A Conrad, Thermally activated plastic flow of metals and ceramics with an electric field or current, Mat. All Rights Reserved. Log In. Paper Titles. Article Preview. Abstract: In this study, the electric current effects in the deformation of light weight alloys are investigated to improve the formability.

Add to Cart. Key Engineering Materials Volume Main Theme:. Symposium on Materials Science and Engineering. Edited by:. Seungho Hong. Online since:. July Cited by. Related Articles. Paper Title Pages. Authors: X. Zheng, S. Abstract: Thermal shock and thermal fatigue of ferroelectric FE thin films were investigated by the pulsed laser tests. The power density was gradually increasing in the single pulsed laser heating test which simulated a thermal shock, the part melting threshold of Pb Zr0.

After thermal shock resulted the highest temperature below Curie point at the surface of PZT thin film, X-ray diffraction XRD , SEM and RT66A standard ferroelectrics analyzer were used to study the microstructure, crystal grain sizes, and ferroelectric failure behavior. It was found that XRD peak of PZT thin film after laser beam heating was stronger than that before laser beam heating, crystal grain sizes decreased, and the ferroelectric properties were degraded. The fined grain effects on ferroelectric properties and XRD patterns of PZT thin film, depolarization due to the single pulsed laser heating were discussed respectively.

The pulsed cycles with a certain power density were gradually increasing in the repetition pulsed laser heating test. It was interesting to find that the cracks will initiate and propagate due to the thermal fatigue induced by the repetition pulsed laser. The possible origins of the thermal fatigue cracks were also discussed. Abstract: The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of pulsed current welding parameters on angular distortion and residual stress of TIG weldment.

Autogenous TIG welding was applied on type L stainless steel sheet to produce bead-on-plate welds. Angular distortion was determined using the mean vertical displacement method.


Residual stress was determined using the hole-drilling strain- gage method. The results showed that the pulsed current TIG welding has a number of advantages, including lower heat input and consequently a reduction in distortion and residual stress of weldment.

Abstract: The nanocrystalline surface was obtained on bulk pure nickel by using high-current pulsed electron beam HCPEB technique. The structures of the nanocrystallized surface were characterized by scanning electron beam SEM , which showed that after HCPEB irradiation, the initial coarse-grained structure on the surface was refined into fine grains with sizes of about 70nm. This process is experimental and the keywords may be updated as the learning algorithm improves.

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Electrically Assisted Forming - Modeling and Control | Wesley Salandro | Springer

Chapter IX Google Scholar. Troitskii OA Electromechanical effect in metals.

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Conrad H Effects of electric current on solid state phase transformations in metals. Conrad H Electroplasticity in metals and ceramics. Mat Sci Eng, pp — Google Scholar. Conrad H Thermally activated plastic flow of metals and ceramics with an electric field or current.

Evaluation of lubricants for electrically-assisted forming

Siopis MS, Kinsey BL Experimental investigation of grain and specimen size effects during electrical-assisted forming. In: Zhang W ed Intelligent energy field manufacturing: interdisciplinary process innovations. US 7,,—Techniques for manufacturing a product using electric current during plastic deformation of material Google Scholar.

US 7,,—Method and apparatus for forming a blank as a portion of the blank receives pulses of direct current Google Scholar. Trans of Nfsoc 6 1 —84 Google Scholar. Antolovich SD, Conrad H The effects of electric currents and fields on deformation in metals, ceramics, and ionic materials: an interpretive survey.