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Swords and Savagery is a game of old-school fantasy adventure with all new rules. The Swords and Savagery rule book includes rules for creating warriors, each with their own unique skill list and proficiency advancement, and resolving actions, guidelines for designing adventures and more.

Future supplements will bring you additional character types, adventures, monsters, treasures and more! Universal Adventures Dungeon Deck is a set of cards that allows you to create a dungeon for any fantasy adventure role-playing game, area by area, while you play. Pit your steel and spells against the horrors of a post-apocalyptic world in this exciting adventure game from New Realms Publishing. Unique character creation and action resolution, combined with effective adventure presentation, will immerse you in a gaming experience like no other.

Click here for details. Something dreadful has come to Ravenor. People have begun disappearing, fishing boats have been found floating unmanned in the river, tremors rumble through the vale and packs of vicious rats have been encountered in the streets. The people of Ravenor need help. Are you brave enough to undertake an Assault on the Underworld? The first in a new line of Adventure Modules. Creative, complete, fast-paced and exciting, Adventure Modules bring you a whole new way to play your fantasy RPG's.

Each adventure includes collectable cards that allow you to create your own adventures! Collectable, expandible, customizable and universal, enter a new world of fatnasy adventure with Universal Adventures Adventure Modules.

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The trail was not hard to follow, even in the dark. The creatures moved quickly and with no fear of being followed. And when there was doubt, there was always the river that flowed from the west, from the depths of Black Willow Gorge. Swords and Sorcery vs. Cosmic Horror in this old school, classic quest-style rpg of fantasy action and adventure for solo and group play. Become an adventurer, explore legendary sites, battle deadly foes, discover fantastic wealth and wondrous magic, build your saga and more!

Or become a Game Master and design adventures in a world of monsters, myth and magic. All this and more is possible with the Ogres and Underworlds fantasy role-playing game. With the Swords and Savagery fantasy role-playing game you can create your own warriors and explore dank dungeons where monsters lurk and treasure awaits. Delve into new realms of adventure with Swords and Savagery! Campaign Module 1: Borderlands of Adventure. Ten years ago the borderlands fell. The horde was broken, but the area has remained unsettled since.

Tales persist, though, of lost wealth within the ruins that are scattered across the region. Will your group brave monsters and marauding humanoids in the search for lost treasure? The dangers may be great, but wealth and glory await those brave enough to seek it out and bold enough to seize it. These PDF files are digitally watermarked to signify that you are the owner.

Inexorable Savagery

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Swords and Savagery. Watermarked PDF.

Average Rating 1 rating. Delve into new realms of fantasy adventure with Swords and Savagery! Now Get the Game. Face the horrors of Black Willow Gorge!

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Open campaigning for solo and group play! Campaign Module 1: Borderlands of Adventure Ten years ago the borderlands fell. Wilderness and dungeon adventures for characters 1 st to 3 rd level. Reviews 1.

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