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As further background, Clooney differentiates between comparative theology and other closely related areas of interreligious encounter: interreligious dialogue, theology of religions and the academic study of religions. This section could have been extended with more detail and examples considering the ease of confusion and importance of identifying when one is engaging in these closely related and overlapping areas.

Comparative theology is an academic discipline wherein the scholar studies a religion outside the one she practices, but rather than approaching the other with a method of phenomenological bracketing or neutrality, she engages the other while acknowledging and embracing her own religious identity. But rather than using knowledge of the other as a missionary seeking converts, the comparative theologian recognizes the other as a partner in pursuit of ultimate truth from which she may gain insights and see her own religion in a new light.

On Vulnerability: Probing the Ethical Dimensions of Comparative Theology

So, in Comparative Theology , Clooney writes autobiographically, as a Christian theologian in the Roman Catholic tradition whose career has been focused on the study of Hinduism. He includes comments on the question that typically arise in regard to non-theistic religions of whether there is comparative theology, or even theology, in other religions, specifically Hinduism.

Unlike his previous works wherein he explored topics through the application of his method of comparative theology such as Theology after Vedanta , Seeing Through Texts , Hindu God, Christian God , Divine Mother, Blessed Mother , and Beyond Compare , Comparative Theology is primarily about the method itself.

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Only in chapter 6 does he provide a brief example of comparative theology to illustrate his method. He uses a plenary address presented to the Catholic Theological Society of America in wherein his studies and experiences of the Hindu goddess Devi provide a fresh perspective from which to revisit Mary, the mother of Jesus. After expanding his reflection to include Marian perspectives from Islam and Sojourner Truth, this example becomes somewhat convoluted; however, the premise of serious engagement in another religion prevails in subsidiary insights he provides along the way.

Of course, this entails recognizing the diversity within Hinduism; thus, he speaks more specifically of the Mimamsa, Vedanta, and Srivaisnava traditions. I have heard well-intentioned Christians generalize about Hinduism by saying, rather simplistically, that it is essentially monotheistic, that the various gods, goddesses, and avatars are all expressions of the one ultimate source. As a much clearer, nuanced observer, Clooney cites his previous work, Hindu God, Christian God , where he lists three claims about God common to Christian and Hindu theistic theologies and four more claims that represent shared ground, albeit incompletely To come to such more precise comparisons between religions necessitates this kind of lifelong, in depth study of a single other religion.

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Clooney acknowledges that what he offers here is merely a starting point. But also, the method of comparative theology he proposes is not an endpoint, but needs further adaptation and development by others, both within and beyond academia. As a logical next step, the edited volume, The New Comparative Theology , gives voice to a number of scholars on comparative theology and gender Michelle Voss Roberts , theology of religions Kristin Beise Kiblinger , and theological hegemonism Hugh Nicholson, David A.

Abhishiktananda Centre for Interreligious Dialogue.

Monks of Tibherine. Academic programs. Abhishiktananda Seminar, Sahntivanam, Vol IX:2 July - December He is a Roman Catholic priest and has been a member of the Society of Jesus for 50 years.

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